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Dead [04 Mar 2008|12:36pm]
Gary Gygax is dead.

Anyone have a diamond worth at least 10 000gp?

Rez plez?


I'm sad.
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very interesting interview with the son of L.Ron Hubbard. [20 Jul 2007|11:42pm]

Penthouse did interviews>?!
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neat! [10 Jul 2007|07:05pm]
i just discovered a very well run website (online RPG chat) that has just started out.. they only have 10 player for now.. but it's very well done and the setting is wonderful.

it's an Ahadi game in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda... etc)

No kinfolk PC's is nice.. as it limits the amount of cyber nasties...

plus you get to play, Corax, Some bastet ( simba, Swara, etc), Mokole ( mokel-mbebme only), Red Talons(the ones that are intermixed with cape hunting dogs) and Ajaba (were-hyena)

the Ahadi being the unified group of Fera working together to keep africa from going under the influence of the wyrm and shit...

very interesting setting.. very cool place...

thought maybe i could convince some of my online buddies to come check it out.. maybe do a bit of Rping?
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[08 Jul 2007|05:56pm]
ok i took monday off work

fuck that i have homework to do

and emails to send.
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[08 Jul 2007|10:35am]
i can't take this anymore...

i don't have time to do anything let alone breath...

they fucking schedule me to work full shifts 5 days a week and i have school 4 days a week...

do the math... it means some days I'm out of the house more than 12 hours at a time...

i've eaten terribly for the last two days because by the time i get back home.. i'm already too tired to eat...

and i got tons of things undone...

i haven't even read the play for the exam on monday... and i'm doubtful i'll have any time to do it before then.

i think i need to cut back seriously at work...

I told them i didn't want more than 3 days.... well i'm going to have to ensure this is understood...

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awkward is a hard word to spell right... [02 Jul 2007|07:10pm]
it's also the feeling when you get to spend time with someone that you have a couple unresolved issues with..

Alena came over to grab some of the last of her stuff.. and we talked and talked and rooted around the apartment for some more of her stuff... and i feel like we both got some stuff out that needed to be said.

in the end i think it was really good to get some of all of that out.

i still miss her terribly and I'm happy she's off taking care of herself and in charge of her life.

and hopefully.. we shall both be on a beach together again. one day. perhaps...

hopefully not a cold Russian beach... but then... I'd like Russia too.
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indeed! [21 Jun 2007|12:39pm]
i like my new userpic.

i like champagne
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[21 Jun 2007|10:27am]
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seriously.. what the fuck... [13 Jun 2007|10:27pm]
I'm typing this on my laptop with stolen internets... something's really fucked up..

cuddles are you ok? seriously i was joking before but... man... there's barely anyone on the streets.... there was like no one in class except for the teacher and ryss and like a couple other people.. so i walked my teacher partway home cause.. well.. it was fucking creepy... i think i saw some people getting beat and mugged by a streetgang...

seriously... terrorist attack.. or zombies.. or whatever movie crap this is.. it's freaking me out... mostly cause i thought it was a joke...

i passed by the little sporting goods store near St-laurent and the place was ransacked... blood on the floor... i called the cops but the line was busy.. i've picked up a gold putter and i'm going to put on my rollerblades and hurry home.. cath... apparently you didn't listen to me.. so.. if you see this.. stay put i'm coming to find you.
holyshit the sprinklers just went off in the park across the street... blood fucking red!...
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my grandmother is dead [05 Jun 2007|05:29pm]§ion=obit_details&obituaryID=4917

yup... I'm kinda numb about it right now.

i don't know if there's anything after this life. but she believed she was going traveling...

she was awesome and I loved her very much.
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[04 Jun 2007|01:39pm]
oh man we are so poor.

apologises to all, but we will be cutting back on everything that costs cash for the next couple of months.

please do not invite us to bars / paying events.

too poor.
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[31 May 2007|10:30am]
my grandmother is considering seeing the grandkids..

my brother went yesterday...

i'm considering going today.

but she may be too tired to receive a guest.

i can't ask her "how's shes doing" or " is she comfortable"

i don't know what to say that won't sound stupid or make me break down...

she really is the best. there's so much i wanted to say that i'm not sure i can say...
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[30 May 2007|10:47am]
nothing says suck like waiting for your grandmother to die.. or rather.. waiting to find out if she's dead yet since you can't go see her and have to rely on your parents to tell you if she's dead yet since the doctors told them she'd be dying any day now and it's been at least a week....


i'm getting pretty drained from grieving every night...
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[30 May 2007|12:04am]
ensure your plants don't get too much sun outside:
hooper and kim...

i'm watching...
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[22 May 2007|01:05pm]
you know what?!

Fuck you transit workers.

You godamned make 50OOO$ a year on average PLUS overtime which a majority of you do.

and you're striking for a 2% increase? 2% and some extra insurances? holding the Entire population of montreal who don't own cars hostage while you do it? fuck you.

I think we've suffered enough crap from these douches.

15 strikes in 40 years is just not right.

they keep striking because it keeps working.

and you know what?! they're still making 75% of their salary because they are working the essential services.

this isn't acceptable.

There has got to be something we as a Population can do against these guys.
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alls well that ends well [22 May 2007|10:53am],23599,21774505-2,00.html
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[18 May 2007|12:29pm]
there's been alot of comments on my friend's pages about the idealisation of the female form as well as sexist perspectives and feminist perspectives and all that jazz...



mmmm oil on the fire...
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milk? bad human... cow milk is for baby cows.. [14 May 2007|02:14pm]
i've said it before and i'll say it again...

Milk isn't fucking good for you.,,2-2007220070,00.html
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[13 May 2007|11:04pm]
[ mood | sad ]

grandmas shouldn't be dying on mothers day...

it's just fucking wrong

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this post contains sex. [11 May 2007|02:14pm]
apparently.. when i have sex with kitty she hums the metal gear solid theme...

this amuses me greatly.

that is all.
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